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After having been for hundreds of years the residence of illustrious aristocratic families, 14th century Villa Scorzi is now an exclusive mixed-use centre located within the heart of Tuscany, set under the aegis of the famous Certosa (Charterhouse) of Calci and surrounded by the enchanting framing of Pisa’s mountains and countryside.

Consisting of an elegant set of buildings surrounded by a more than 14 acres park, the Villa has been completely renovated in the respect of its original beauty and it thus represents the ideal place to organize any kind of event.

At the sides of the main building, whose 17th century façade is surmounted by a clock, there are a 14th century arcade and a big lemon-house; in front of it there is an Italian garden that is framed by forest trees and guards a precious frescoed oratory dedicated to the Madonna of Loreto.

At the back of the main building there are two wide courtyards, in the typical Tuscan country style; they are enriched by an open gallery, a well and a monumental fountain recalling the Baroque style of the nearby Certosa of Calci.

  vecchia Villa Scorzi’s history

Villa Scorzi’s nucleus was born in the 14th century as a “casamagione” (i.e. a rural settlement) owned by the Appiano family. Through the centuries the estate has been enlarged and embellished until in 1727 it was bought by the Scorzi family – of noble birth – from Pisa; it was then chosen as a country residence for its peace and pleasant climate as well as for the beautiful countryside and its nearness to Pisa.

Having undergone many improvements for more than 400 years, the Villa represents a precious testimony of the main aesthetical and architectural styles that in Tuscany have followed one another through the centuries.

Villa Scorzi’s restoration

foto 0093

A careful and painstaking restoration, carried out by skilled workers in collaboration with the Soprintendenza ai Beni Ambientali, Architettonici, Artistici e Storici (the Regional Board of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Environmental Conservation), has restored Villa Scorzi to its original beauty.

Villa Scorzi has recovered its former splendour and magnificence through an accurate study of its interiors, a meticulous selection of the typical Tuscan dyes and a thorough choice of building materials.

  GrotesqueIl Grotesque di Villa Scorzi

The rocaille cave of 600 is characterized by stalactites stalactites shells stones and has a strong dose of amber and black color; water games accentuate its scenography. In past times an extraordinary waterway of exclusive property had originated at the foot of Monte Serra and reached the plumbing of the fountain.